State Road Restaurant

Dishing Park City Highlights State Road Restaurant’s Hearty Meals

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by Casey Lane, Dishing Park City

With February all but behind us, it’s time to use our last few weeks of cold weather to savor the hot and heavier fare of the season, before salads and smoothies return with spring. Whether you’re in Kamas, Midway or Park City, take a leap this weekend into some of our favorite hearty dishes from around town.

State Road Tavern

From line dancing to live music, the Dejoria Center in Kamas features weekly entertainment and an onsite restaurant serving up hearty winter fare. For flavor that sticks-in-your-mind and meals that stick-to-your-ribs, head to State Road Tavern for their chicken fried steak, served with mashed potatoes, white sausage gravy and corn cobettes.