About Us

Mountain Scenery.

Modern Sophistication.

The DeJoria Center is a one-of-a-kind event destination combining world-class capabilities with serene natural settings. Backed up to the base of the Uinta mountain range in Kamas, UT, our scenic location, first-rate facilities, and unique on-site adventures are sure to both inspire and entertain. And thanks to our experienced management team comprised of seasoned event-planning and entertainment professionals, you can be sure your next concert, event, or special occasion is in capable hands.

Our Leadership Team.

DeJoria Center may be a new facility, but our management team certainly is not. Our team is comprised of highly respected and seasoned events and entertainment professionals who have represented some of the world's most well-known artists, brands, and venues in Nevada, Utah and Texas.


  • “Must see it to believe it worth the drive.”

    – Corey N. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Corey N | Google+ Review
  • “Very new and modern event center. Beautifully styled. Great food available for catering as well! Try their stuffed tater tots. You will never think of tots the same.”

    – Matthew W. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Matthew W | Google+ Review
  • “Awesome new event Center. Kind of in the middle of nowhere, but in beautiful surroundings. Clean and modern, a great place for a fairly large event.”

    – Noah D. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Noah D | Google+ Review
  • “Beautiful scenery. Great place for a festival. It’s where my husband and I got married.”

    – Jessica S. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Jessica S | Google+ Review
  • “Awesome venue and delicious food! I can’t wait to go back in the summer and enjoy the incredible patios! The staff was excellent, very kind and attentive!”

    – Andrea D. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Andrea D | Google+ Review
  • “I love this place! The atmosphere is amazing, the staff is great, the concerts are a blast, and the food is so good!”

    – Caroline P. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Caroline P | Google+ Review
  • “Great food. Amazing Views!”

    – Alicia S. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Alicia S | Google+ Review
  • “Bike trails, events, food, booze, Bike trails!”

    – Shane B. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Shane B | Google+ Review
  • “A must place to visit. Went to a free outdoor movie, who does that! So beautiful, friendly staff…”

    – Kaleen T. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Kaleen T | Google+ Review
  • “Attended the final summer concert of their concert summer series. The place is clean, fun, and absolutely beautiful in the Kamas valley. Highly recommend attending an event here.”

    – Patrick T. | Google+ 5 Star Review

    Patrick T | Google+ Review
  • “This place is amazing! If you need a venue for an event you should check it!”

    – Maria G. | FaceBook Review

    Maria G | FaceBook Review
  • “What a great show! So excited to be able to enjoy performing arts, of all kinds, in this state of the art venue, right here in Kamas Valley!!”

    – Xandria S. | FaceBook Review

    Xandria S | FaceBook Review
  • “Well designed multi-event facility. I just saw a concert venue there, and would definitely go back!”

    – David S. | FaceBook Review

    David S | FaceBook Review
  • “It is beautiful, watched the sun set from the State Road Tavern. The staff was friendly, the food was plentiful and delicious, the beer, wine & cocktail list has plenty to choose from. It’s nice to find a restaurant that is away from the crowds of Park City. Can’t wait to go back and enjoy a concert!”

    – Suzanne B. | FaceBook Review

    Suzanne B | FaceBook Review
  • “An outstanding Venue for everything, including corporate meetings. I would recommend this place to everyone. Take a chance and go visit it. You will be surprised!! The sales staff is Awesome!!”

    – Fred C. | FaceBook Review

    Fred C | FaceBook Review
  • “The facility was great and we loved the concert we attended! I liked the more intimate setting, perfect venue that was much more low key.”

    – Lori L. | FaceBook Review

    Lori L | FaceBook Review